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About The Business

are you tired of learning how to make money online?

Do you want to have your own real business without even doing any dirty work?

Now Is Your Chance!

You want to build solid online business right? there is nothing secret to make money online, the thing you must have is a valuable offer to peoples, the formula is just this one

Product + Traffic = PROFIT!

Without product you can’t make any sales, without sales? you don’t have any profit!

Don’t Worry we have the solution for you who want to build your own business with minimal effort, and fully outsourced even for newbie!, a unique 51-in-1 Internet Marketing Service Website

This website focusing on the High Demand Service for every webmaster/Internet Marketer. It have 3 category below

This website is unique solution For every Internet Marketer which promoting their website or business is the biggest problem and task consuming. Basically they need 3 aspect to be able to success in internet marketing

  1. Unique Content
  2. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Social Proof

All 3 key aspect has been provided exclusively on the website, providing high quality service for your customer. In Fact these service are very HIGH DEMAND!

Every day people need content for their site because Google will banned site with duplicate content. This website provide customer with unique high quality content for their project.

SEO also one of the Biggest market in Internet Marketing. People want their ranking fast and didn’t want involved on time consuming task when doing SEO. This is a Gold Opportunity and have been provided the solution on the website with a great packages.

The website is new and ready for business, and create to make money for you. it is fully automated, no maintenance required. It take only minimal effort on your part. Beside that, It have very beautiful design and look professional. This is “a Must Have Money Making Website” you absolutely need to generate large piles of cash on the internet


How It Work?

The site is completely set up and ready to begin taking order for the lucky winner of this auction.

1. People Buy Your Package, payment is immediately send to your paypal account.

2. You get order information, forward it to supplier.

3. Supplier do the work, you just sit back and relaks.

4. Work finished, you forwarded the report to your customer.

You See? All work is fully done by the supplier, you just gather the payment!

If you can browse email,reply, and click your mouse, then this is for you.

The site is hosted on wordpress platform, so making a changes is just a snap!

Why You Must Have This Website

There is hundred of buyer who need this kind of service. The best part is, this buyer is a kind of “Returning Buyer” once they pleased with your service. The need of service like SEO and Social Network will never gone, in fact it will keep rise everyday as most people discovered that when they want build online business they need updated content and constant promotion with SEO.

The best part is you don’t need to do any overhelming task, if you can browse, click, and managing order from your computer, then this is for you!

Absolutely this will be your best investment available on Flippa!


The prices on the website are set to the prices that I would recommend pricing packages at. It’s VERY easy to change prices/rates on the website and I would be more than happy to help you do that if you end up winning the auction.


SEO Services for $14.49

Provider cost $4.49

your profit $10


Social Media for $14.49

Provider cost $4.49

your profit $10


Social Media Services for $28.98

Provider cost $4.49

your profit $24,49


Content Creation for $14.49

Provider cost $4.49

your profit $10


Web Design for $14.49

Provider cost $4.49

your profit $10

The packages is very attractive, your visitor will love it. You also can change the price as you like if you want to get more profit. But you are free to change the size of the packages as well as the prices. It’s your business, so it’s your call. I’ve found that the pricing structure that I’ve set up works well for both the client and for profit purposes. You’ll find that repeat clients will order larger packages because they will know that you are reputable and that your services actually work for them! When this starts to happen, you’ll really see the money start rolling in!

  1. Beautiful Designed Website with products shopping cart for many sales
  2. Reliable supplier
  3. PDF Installation Guide

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